Myself Roop kumar mishra

From a very early age i was curious and fascinated by the working principles of the universe and cosmic laws, which led me to dive deep into the divine science of astrology. Like everyother person firstly i was intrested to know about myself and then sparks occoured and i came across the whole cathedhral of astrological studies.Honestly speaking there are very few astrologers present currently bcz to be ONE is not easy. To be a astrologer one should have basic understanding of science,psychology, astronomy,spirituality, mysticism and many more.

I am trying here to justify my role as an astrologer and HELP PEOPLE UTILIZE ASTROLOGY FOR THEIR GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT. In my consultations i show up an individual their path in life and help them sort their problems in life through astrology.


Yes the fees is little higher than most of other astrologers in your town but the fees is according to the depth in understanding ur chart. Moreover i give too much emphasis on each and every chart. U can discuss your chart for 100minutes(generally 45-60minutes). Each and every client is very imp for me and i always study my client in depth. I donot work to loot people so no gemstone recommendation and no pooja no havaan. Also i only give prediction in areas where i have very swift command; for example you will not find medical astrology on my website bcz i donot have a swift command over that subject. I know medical astrology too but not to a perfection so i donot give medical consultancy through astrology. By reading this much u might got a good understanding of the topic- WHYME.


Each and every person have different strength of planets, different yogas and different nakshatras prominent in the birth chart. After having career consultation we will guide you to the most suitable field for you, so that it would be easy for u to choose a profession in this mugglehood of professions.When choosing profession u are on a junction and we will help u decide the best path that matches your ebility.Suppose you are confused between persuing engineering and cinematography so at this point we would help u decide which field is best for u. If u have already choosed ur career then we will help u too develop it and also show you more opportunities( if availabe in your chart).

Fees for career consultancy is 5120NR OR 80USD


Different zodiac signs have different compability with each other and in the same way different personalities are compatible with each other to a different extent.We help you to know which type of partner is suitable for you through horoscope and also let u find the correct type of partner which would help u in journey of life. Horoscope match is for who are already married to each ohter ot are atleast having a relationship for more than 4 yrs.Reason the horoscope match is not available for everybody bcz i donot want to interfere with karma LET KARMA WORK ITS OWN WAY. Once you are married than 90% karma is already brought to action so now its the job of the astrologer to help both of u in relationship & guide u.

Fees for relationship analysis is 5120INR OR 80USD

Fees for analysis of u and your partner is 8000INR OR 125USD

ASKING MUHURAT (Auspisious time)

For the long and stable run of an event it should be started at a auspicious time which is called muhurat. We provide you personalised muhurat for most of the things such as ""important job interview, buying of car, buying house, beginning a new project etc"".

Note:- Muhurats provided in magzines and newspaper are too generalised BUT we provide u with specific personalised muhurat according to your planetary positions. A muhurat suitablefor u, might be less suitable for another person.

Fees for muhurat is 1600INR OR 25USD

Systems Mastered are as follow:-

Jaimini system
Kp system
Parashara system (Traditional)
Western astrology
Horary astrology

I give predictions by combining all of this systems.