2020 The Year of Judgement {Corona virus}


2020 The Year Of Judgement


U might have taken a tarot reading or not but In the tarot card; card number 20 is the “card of judgement”

Here in the year 2020 there are two 20’s which make it a double judgemental year.

Also the Number 2 and 0 are watery in nature and as we all know covid-19 basically increases the cough component in the body. So in a way their is a solid relationship between covid-19 and the year 2020.

The disease will completely shatter by the fag end of the year 2020.

Their would be mongering fear which would lead to trembling economy and job insecurity for the next 1 year. Slowly the menace would fade and things would recuperate

Bharni Nakshtra in very detail


where it is located


BHARNI nakshtra is the 2nd  nakshtra and is located on the middle degrees of sign aires. It stretches from 13°20′ to 26°40′of aires . In Modern astronomy bharni forms the constellation Arietis along with its predecessor i.e ashwini. Bharni nakshtra it being made up of 3 stars which seems like forming a triangle.This triangular shape also helps us in cognizing with its main symbol which we would find later.


The first pada of BHARNI starts from 13°20′ to 16°39′ and falls in leo navmansha
The second pada of BHARNI starts from 16°40′  to 20°00’and falls in virgo navmansha
The third pada of BHARNI starts from 20°00′ to 23°20′ and falls in libra navmansha
The fourth pada of BHARNI starts from 23°20′ to 26°40′ and falls in Scorpio navmansha


(Many fools who work on copy and paste basis wrote its 4th pada being landed in aires navmansha)


Word ‘भरण’ in hindi or sanskrit simply means ‘to foster or to nurture’ & ‘Bharni’ means one who nurtures. Many scholars have translated this  into ‘the one who bears’. So in a way – strong emphasis is given on nurturing, mothering and holding when we think of Bharni.Note that a mother sacrifices a lot to nurture her child & at times become fierce for their protection.  It is the 2nd nakshtra amongst the 27 nakshatras & shows the feminine principal for the first time. This nakshtra is ruled by venus and has ‘elephant’ as its animal symbol. Its main symbol is ‘vagina’. It is a MANUSHYA nakshtra. The association of vagina with bharni opens up many new perspectives about bharni. Vagina is firstly a sexual organ which hints at this nakshtra being sexually very active. Other than this a vagina is seen as a doorway between the astral and the causal realm i.e our soul enters the earthly bound body through the vagina. Vagina also holds the baby and nurtures him/her (this associates the care taking aspect of bharni).Vagina as a organ is very sensitive and passionate & so is the functioning of bharni natives. Passion comes as a keyword when having mars-venus combination or bharni.


Yama is the elder brother of Saturn and is the lord of dharma. It is interesting to note that it is Saturn which provides our karmic results when we are alive & it is Yama which provides the results when we are dead. Saturn judges us when we are alive and yama judges us after death. Funnily they both are siblings according to Indian mythology.The relationships between yama & Saturn are not cordial and that’s why Saturn attains its deep deliberation in this nakshtra.  Bharni is a nakshtra for nurturing and Saturn as a graha is associated with starving. So the qualities of bharni and Saturn seems to be 180° opposite. Yamraj is also ine of the 8 dikpal’s i.e  guardians of the directions. The 8 dikpals are :-

Kubera  ruling the North

Yama  ruling the South

Indra ruling the  East

Varuṇa ruling the  West

Īśāna  ruling the  Northeast

Agni  ruling the Southeast)

Vayu  ruling the  Northwest

Nirṛti  ruling the Southwest


So the direction of yama is directly opposite to kubera. Kubera is considered as the lord of wealth & prosperity. That’s why it is prescribed to have your Lockers & safes on the northern direction.


When the passion of bharni is directed to unwholesome pursuits then this energy leads to perversion and becomes a havoc. Bharni natives often nurtures and serves but someone other takes all the credits. As this nakshtra is having energies to connect with other worlds and other forces , they often end up being trapped in black magic and other forms in which shakti is manipulated. They let their anger multiply within them and then make a loadburst of it . They can commit crimes such as murders and rapes when the anger is raging, 


Bharni natives likes to speak the truth and are righteous. This truth speaking nature comes from the combination of energies of  Mars/Venus.  When Mars/Venus  together performs a task then  “dedication” & “Passion” becomes the keyword. They are creative and can handle transformation. Because yama is the deity – bharni natives know what is right and have the potential to hold responsibilities. Photography and glamor world needs passion associated with seduction which bharni types are mostly interested in. The head and the feet are associated with bharni which links them with professions such as dance and scheming plots (mentally planning against someone).  


The other symbol associated with bharni is a boat. This boat is a mystical boat which can be considered as a link between different realms & existence. Sunrise and sunset are also symbols representing bharni. Note that the time of sunrise & sunset is best suited for occult practices.  Bharni as a nakshtra has great occult potential bcz it knows the complete process of birth, death and regeneration & is associated with venus.

Flash Card for Bharni Nakshtra


Location                                                        : – In  Aires 13°20′ to 26°40′
Names literal meaning                                 :- the one who nurtures
Ruled by planet                                              :- venus
Deity                                                                :- yama                                Humor (Ayurvedic nature classification)     :- Pitta
Caste                                                             :- Outcaste
Gana                                                              :- Manushya
Element                                                           :- Earth
Guna (innate nature)                                     :- Rajasic
Looking                                                         :- Downward
Sexual Animal                                                :- Elephant
Main Symbol                                                  :- Vagina/Boat
Gender                                                           :- Female
temperament (Mode of functioning)            :-  Tikshna nakshtra
Shakti associated with Bharni                    :- Apbharan shakti




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Ashwini Nakshtra in very detail




where it is located

Ashwini nakshtra is the first nakshtra and is located on the initial degrees of sign aires. It stretches from 00°00′ to 13°20′ of aires . Note that the constellation Arietis consists of 4 stars. Some associates the ashwini nakshtra consisting of 2 stars while the other one associates it being made up of 3 stars.


The first pada of ASHWINI starts from 00°00′ to 3°20′ and falls in aires navmansha
The second pada of ASHWINI starts from 3°20′ to 6°40 and falls in taurus navmansha
The third pada of ASHWINI starts from 6°40′ to 10°00′ and falls in gemini navmansha
The fourth pada of ASHWINI starts from 10°00′ to 13°20′ and falls in cancer navmansha


Word ‘ASHW’ in hindi or sanskrit simply means ‘HORSE’ & ‘ashwini’ means ‘born from female horse ‘ or ‘ a horse women’. So in a way – strong emphasis is given on horses when we think of ashwini.It is the 1st nakshtra amongst the 27 nakshatras. This nakshtra is ruled by ketu and has ‘male horse’ as its animal symbol. Its main symbol is ‘head of a horse’. It is a DEV nakshtra. Lord ganesh is strongly associated with all the nakshtras ruled by ketu and same is the case hereby.


ASHWINI nakshtra is a LEVEL nakshtra that means it is neither facing upward nor downward & is a KSHIPRA or LAGHU nakshtra i.e it is fast & swift in its mode of functioning. Ashwini nakshtra is also a gandhanta nakshtra i.e it contributes in forming the gandhanta zone.Ashwini comes on the junctions of Pisces-Aries and forms the 1st gandhanta zone.Gandhanta point or gandhanta zone is the region in zodiac where water and a fire sign meets.From 28 degree Pisces to 2 degree Aires is the Ashwini gandhanta zone. Plz note that it is not only the moon which constitutes this gandhanta theory but it applies to other planets including the lagna & the tithi. Suppose your Sun is on 00°25′ aires then even though it is exalted but it is on the gandhnta degree. Sun in this particular example would be very strong.


Note that this nakshtra holds 2 stars within and have twin brothers as its presiding deity. This twin brothers are mystical beings with half horse body and half human body. They are named as Nasatya & Dashra.In the great epic mahabharat nakul and sehdev were considered as sons of ashwin kumars. The time of Sunrise and sunset (i.e when the day and night meets) is associated with ashwini kumars. They have been shown on chariot with 2 horses . They are healers and have swift and quick motion. The healing aspect comes from rishi dadachi being revived by ashwini kumara’s. The Rig veda quotes ashwini kumars being born from the celestial ocean when the churning of ocean was taking place. As we all know the oceans hold all the possible herbs and sherbs to cure any disease. This also adds up to the healing potential in the ashwini kumars. Another story quotes as sun being the father of ashwini kumars which grants them speed & agility. The ashwini kumars themselves have a very youthful appearance and so in mahabharat NAKUL & SAHDEV were the most adorable amongst the 5 pandavas.


Restlessness and an innate need for moment becomes the first and the foremost foe or a ashwini native. They often switch tasks too quick and have strong mood swings.They can’t take orders and revolt against authorities if the mentality of both the parties doesn’t match up. The need to shift doesn’t get them focused on one thing so they can’t get specialized to a specific skill. Unnecessary anger and physically abusing others becomes a habitual trait when ashwini is working from its lower perspective. They are impulsive and often have unpractical goals (like adolf hitler who has his sun in ashwini)


Ashwini is at the pinnacle as far as beginning anything is concerned. This nakshtra has robust of energy and courage and are the best openers even in sports like chess and cricket. The 2nd and 4th pada of ashwini relates it with real healing and care taking. This healing is not only the physical healing but can be considered on many planes. Councelling a married couple and settling the issue can also be considered as a good example of ashwini’s healing.


The fact that sun gets exalted here automatically links it with a thirst for power & authority. It is a masculine,quick & duty oriented nakshtra. This nakshtra is very dynamic and lacks patience. Ashwini natives likes to drive vehicles fast and are interested in Fencing.They are interested in swords and pointed objects when planets like mars and ketu occupies its 1st pada. The initial spark of the universe which is sattvic holds many positive qualities within.It has a combination of 2 firy planets i.e mars and ketu which makes it bold and courageous. Ashwini nakshtra people are kind- hearted and provides the helping hand to the needy ones. They are good at counselling & are good physicians. Ashwini works as a healer mostly from its 4th pada. They are good at solving marital disharmony & brings peace to agitated couples. The energies in a Ashwini native are vigorous and robust. They are good strategist , military leaders & fighters due to the involvement of ketu and mars (Unluckily this aspect of ashwini is mostly ignored ).No nakshtra comes close to ashwini as far as military skills are concerned. In Mula its ketu/jupiter but in ashwini its ketu/mars. Mars in itself has lots of energy and ketu is strong cutting force. In the real world ashwini natives relates to professions like transport and logistic business,military generals , ayurvedic physicians,therapists,athletes,car racers and many more. The pada becomes crucial when analysing ashwini nakshtra.



Flash Card for Ashwini Nakshtra

Location                                                 : – In  Aires 00°00′ to 13°20′
Names literal meaning                            :- Born of female horse
Ruled by planet                                       :- Ketu
Deity                                                         :- Ashwini Kumars
Humor (Ayurvedic nature classification)    :- Vata
Caste                                                         :- Brahmin
Gana                                                          :- Devgana
Element                                                      :- Earth
Guna (innate nature)                                  :- satvic
Looking                                                      :- on level
Sexual Animal                                            :- Male Horse
Main Symbol                                               :- A horse head
Gender                                                        :- Male
temperament (Mode of functioning)            :- laghu nakshtra
Shakti associated with ashwini                   :- Shigravyapani shakti

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What is गण in astrology


गण  literally means ‘A group of people living together or possessing similar traits’



It is spelled as Gana , Gaana or Gan. In astrology the nakshtra placement of your Moon decides your Gana. All  the 27 nakshtras are divided into 3 ganas namely dev gana , manushya gana & raksash gana .


     Dev gana :- Godly

    Manushya gana: – Human

    Rakshsha gana :- Demonic


This list hereby classifies nakshtras on the basis of their gana.

Nakshtras with dev gana are :-           

 1) Ashwini    5) Mrigashira    7)Punarvasu

8)Pushya       13)Hasta         15)Swati

17)Anuradha  22)shravan      27) Revati

Nakshtras with manushya gana are :-

2)Bharani       4)Rohini         6)Ardra

11)Purva Phalguni      12)Uttar Phalguni  20)Purva Ashadha

21)Utar Ashada            25) Purva Bhadrapad 

26)Utara  Bhadrapad

Nakshtras with Rakshash gana are :-

3)Kritika   9)Ashlesha     10)Magha

14)Chitra   16)Vishakha    18)Jyeshtha

19)Moola     23)Dhanistha     24)Sathabishak



The nakshtra in which your natal moon is placed would be of a particular gana and that becomes your gana. Suppose your moon is in moola then you have rakshsh gana & if your moon is in uttar phalguni then you have manushya gana,

This theory of gana is used while matching chart and changes your score out of 36. Weightage of gana in chart matching is 6 points. I couple can score 6 points maximum and minimum of 0 points. Same gana have the maximum compatibility. Rakshsh gana is least compatible with manushya or dev gana.


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The current Indian accent is a handout of the rich Vedic culture.In the late historical era; sanskrit was the only prominent language spoken in the Indian sub-continents. It is thus called the language of the Gods.The current Indian accent has its roots gleaning from Sanskrit. Sanskrit is one of the most scientific and ancient language.Sanskrit as a language covers full spectrum of sound which a human mouth can make.Certain sounds are missing in other languages.The best thing is that it hasn’t gone through much change.Sanskrit is based on the law of centralization.The sounds are very clear and the accent is centered.Every time when you speak you are programming your mind and body.When you speak correctly the body gets a correct programming.Western accents are sloppy and slidy. Speaking is a very basic thing and when the basics are right everything follows and vice-versa.Things are haywired in west bcz the basics are not in place.That’s why Indian accent is the best and should be sticked to.


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Mortal bodies on earth are bound to experience the fruits of their action.  According to the KARMIC THEORY we as humans in this life time are experiencing the fruits of our actions from many lifetimes in unequal proportions.Some fruits can be from many life times before & some could be from the previous birth. Our horoscope is a snapshot of what we are going to experience in this life time; based on our  ripened past karmas .  Not all the karmas are ripened enough to be experienced. The karmas which are ripened and are to be experienced in this life time are called as prarabdha karma. Our horoscope mainly shows us our prarabdha.

I herby remember a dialogue from movie HAIDER ” intekaam se intekaam paida hota hai, jab tak hum apne intekaam se aazaad nhi honge koi aazadi hume aazad nhi kr skti”
The movie at the end is able to concede the value hidden in forgiveness.When u forgive someone then a new karmic cycle is not born,which provides you freedom. Revenge-fullness only signifies bringing of more and more karmic accumulation which in turn brings pain torture and suffering.


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Indian politics had been lead by gandhi & nehru family from the past 70years. Between 1940-1950 india and japan were almost on the same economic platform. Today in 2018 we are miles apart from japan when it comes to technology and other advancements. I cannot mention the name of the party due to public issues, but u all know very well that “”” 70 saal tak luta hai in logo ne“””. IF congfess party  ruled India in  a corruption free  way  then today we would also be recognized as  world leader powers (as japan)
One more thing; whether you vote for congfess or bjpp no progress will still happen; reason is that only names of parties differ but  the individual mentality remains the same .They often change their side from one party to other but corruption in their blood never changes.

Let me explain u this thing with an example…..!

Suppose that Mr.x joined congfess party in 1998 and got a post and looted us for 10 years now the wind favors bjjp so now he just change his mind and moved to bjjp ; then what ?
Did corruption ended ?? No NO NO . Whether u vote for Party-A or Party-B corruption will not end,
but but but
MODI IS DIFFERENT. He is a generous lawful and righteous man and i can confirm this from his horoscope.He fights for the countries welfare and is a headache for unlawful,cheater and corrupt officers. I do not support any party or organisation but i support MODI

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Wrist watches are   mechanical/electrical instruments and produces mechanical beats & electrical frequencies  ;whereas our heart is a biological instrument and produces biological beat.
In other words we can say that our heart produces much complex and different patterns which any mechanical or electrical instrument can  never produce.Beats or rhythms produced by a watch works on algorithmic mathematical pattern and are often repetitively the same.Our heart beats on complex patterns and the heart beats are never repetitive and algorithmic. The beats produced by any watch interferes with the normal heart functioning (Its like playing 2 songs together). Sounds produced by playing a record is different from listening to live music. Same is the difference between mechanical and biological beat.
Our ulnar artery supplies blood to the forearm and we can easily feel it by pressing our thumb against our wrist. Now when we place an object which produces mechanical beat on top of our artery then it counteracts which the biological heart beat. Whole world is wearing wrist watches & bringing their own potential down by this silly mistake; moreover the worst thing is that their is no definite parameter to measure the woe caused.
So next time be cautious when buying an expensive time-piece. I personally advice to wear time-pieces ocassionally but not on a daily go basis.

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Mula Nakshtra in very detail


WHERE IT IS LOCATED                                                                               When using the sideral zodiac moola falls on the starting degrees of the sign Sagittarius  i.e. from  00° 00′ to 13° 20′.

THE FOUR PADAS OF MULA AND THEIR NAVMANSHA                            The first pada of mula starts  from 00°00′  to 3°20′ and  falls in aires navmansha                                                                                                 The second pada of mula starts from 3°20′ to 6°40 and falls in taurus navmansha                                                                                              The third pada of mula starts from 6°40′ to 10°00′ and falls in gemini navmansha                                                                                                    The fourth pada of mula starts from 10°00′ to 13°20′ and falls in cancer navmansha                

ROOT MEANING OF WORD MOOLA MAIN SYMBOL , ANIMAL SYMBOL,PLANETARY RULER & DEITY                                                      Word mula in hindi or sanskrit simply means ROOTS,CENTER or the CORE. It is the 19th nakshtra amongst the 27 nakshatras. This nakhtra is ruled by ketu and has male dog as its animal symbol. Its main symbol is a bunch of tied roots. It is a rakshsh nakshtra. There is a dreadful fear mongering amongst people about moola nakshtra being too inauspicious . Birth in moola is not considered auspicious .
I will clear up what is correct and why.

Moola nakshtra is a thikshna nakshtra that means sharp nakshtra based on the nakshtra classification. Moola lies opposite to ardhra and forms a axis with ardhra nakshtra. This nakshtra is also a gandhanta nakshtra i.e it contributes in forming the gandhanta zone. Gandhanta point or gandhanta zone is the region in zodiac where water and a fire sign meets. . From 28 degree Scorpio to 2 degree Sagittarius forms the moola gandhanta zone. Of all the 3 gandhanta zones  this gandhanta is the most difficult one materialistically & this is the main reason why people hate moola nakshtra. In today’s world a good materialistic life is one which everyone desires. Moola nakshtra can also give heights of materialistic wealth but only with ups and downs and this ups and downs are a challenging aspect of moola for the world.

If u understand the deity of moola nakshtra which is devi nirrti then you would understand moola better. Devi nirriti is the devi of calamities and destruction.Destruction caused by devi nirriti is a constructive destruction .So the energies in a moola native are very rough hard and vigorous which is difficut to handle unless positively utilised. Moola nakshtra natives are kind hearted and love purity. Devi nirriti is believed to reside in peepal tree and offering water to peepal on saturday is a great way to improve karmic relationship and honouring devi nirriti

Moola natives are agressive for a short period of time . They have poor family lifes and below average marital happiness unless planets occupy good navamsha and are in good houses aspected by benefics.Sudden ups and downs in life are frequent when more than 4 planets occupy mula. Moola natives likes manipulation of shakti in different forms which is also not a good thing.Generally they often end up loosing their materialistic gains or have bad family life. Moola natives often gets up angry very easily bcz of the characteristics derived from devi-nirriti.

Evolved souls knows how to channelize the positive qualities of any nakshtra and same is the case with moola nakshtra also. Moola nakshtra gives great capacity for research and investigation bcz roots are symbol of moola nakshtra which means deep penetration in any thing.They have a interest to study hidden subjects and have a urge to get hidden and mystic knowledge bcz roots are under-grounded and we cannot see them. Intuition powers in a native are also reflected when  moola is strong  but the strength of intuitive power again depends on the overall chart.Excellent nakshtra for spiritual growth.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             —
Moola nakshtra is present astronomically at the galactic center of our galaxy .Moola nakshtra is very important bcz it is our roots and plant only grows through its roots. Only 0.00” to 0.48″ degree of moola lies in gandhanta which is tough and planets here may cause some sort of turmoil in life.Planets placed in above mentioned degree can also behave positively but for that the whole chart should be taken into consideration. Moola lies in the mooltrikon of jupiter but pada and all should be taken into consideration with aspects on jupiter and jupiter in all divisional charts. Moola shanti is done in india if a baby is born in moola nakshtra but in my opinion it is ok it the ritual is not performed also. Simply the ritiual is performed so that a person could enjoy his materialistic life without much obstruction from the energies of moola. Ravaan a demi god from hindu mythology  was a prominent mula native. His life throws   good insights on operation of moola nakshtra on all levels

Flash Card for Moola Nakshtra

  1. Location                        : – In sign sagitarrius 00°00′ to 13°20′

  2. Names literal meaning               :- Root, core , the Center

  3. Ruled by planet                          :- Ketu

  4. Deity                                           :- Devi nirriti

  5. Humor(ayurvedic composition)   :-  Vata

  6. Caste                                           :-  Butcher caste

  7. Gana                                              :- Rakshasha Gana

  8. Element                                           :- Air

  9. Guna                                             :- Tamasic

  10. Looking                                          :- Downward

  11. Sexual Animal                                  :- Dog

  12. Main Symbol                                    :- Bunch of tied roots

  13. Gender                                             :- Neutral

  14. temperament                                    :- Tikshna Nakshra i.e fierce

  15. Shakti associated                             :-  Bharan shakti


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Concept of arrange marriage is prevalent in the eastern demographics from past 1500 yrs but it was not so in the bygone days.Today in India arrange marriage is the most widely practiced form of marriage but one can’t hear of arrange marriage even in the Vedic mythological stories.Their was brahma vivaah, pisach vivaah, monogamy,polygamy,rakssh vivaah, swayamvar etc but we could not trace roots of arrange marriage even in the oldest Hindu literature’s. Marriage is a type of partnership between 2 individuals & is never supposed to be arranged bcz relationships doesn’t work that way.
Arrange marriage is a completely gibberish concept & can be considered as a very diluted form of BRAHMA VIVAAH which was practiced in the ancient Vedic times. Males doesn’t have to work on themselves and evolve superior qualities , no learning attitude, each and every male is special, same caste marriage, social restrictions – these are some of the traits which we observe today in arrange marriage. Moreover the level of females have also fallen down. In other form of marriages such as swaymvar etc….  males have to work on themselves to gather skills and develop maleness so that they may get the attention. Females in those times where quite intelligent to choose their partner wisely. Relationships works best when a female chooses  And this right has been taken away  in the current form of arrange marriage.
LIVE IN RELATIONSHIP is  practiced in western countries which is termed as gandharva vivaah in the vedic lifestyle.Condition of women is far better in western countries then in central Asian countries ; this fact itself shows that how a simple thing as marriage has a very dramatic socio-economic effect. Yes women are allowed to drive in India, but what % are put to practice ????

The scenario is changing fast. Again the females have started to choose & the trend of arrange marriage is disappearing even in  Indian Society.

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