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No! Generally i donot meet clients physically but in rare cases i meet them, this is so because my schedule is very complex and it counteracts with my time managment.
Yes! I have my office and studio combined in pithampur.
No! I never give free consultations.
No! Consultations are never on any discount.
No! Only the person himself/herself want to contact us for consultations.
No! U will get a 45-60 minutes video chat with me or a telephonic conversation.Sometimes i mail some importamt points regarding your chart.
No! I had never done it and will not do it in future also.
95% No! I only prescribe gems when the chart favours a stone and the client is financially sound to afford it bcz good quality gems can cost from 1000$ to50000$.
Bcz i am not perfect in this sub-division. Astrology is like medical science; where a person could be master of a few tacts only.
I am NEVER ON ANY DISCOUNT prices are only going to rise. At Astro-Healer-Roop I am offering world class astrological services at the least prices possible. I as a astrologers have invested years in hard work and research ; so a 80$ payment worth very genuinely.
We at astro-healer-roop charge you approx @ 64 INR=1$. we do not have any active conversion